Tuesday, 29 July 2014


My thanks to:
Guðrún for hosting me so kindly in Reykjavik before the walk and during the recovery period.
* The four people who gave me lifts to the start, and the three who brought me back.
* The people at Bjarg camp site who stored my first resupply of food for a week.
* The two rangers who gave me some route advice in the middle of nowhere on day 11.
* Trym who gave me those seven delicious Apple Custard desserts on day 12.
* The three drivers that stopped to say "How are you?" on the long 4WD track section.
* The young Icelandic couple who gave me some peanuts on day 17.
* The Green Bus people at Landlammalaugar who stored my food safely for three weeks.
* Ueli who walked with me on day 21.
* Fulvio who has inspired me to get back on my bike, also day 21.
* Max Nemeth, whose blog I found particularly helpful. I read it with pleasure en route, especially when he was experiencing worse weather than I was at the time!

Thank you one and all for helping to make this trip possible and enjoyable! Takk!

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