Tuesday, 29 July 2014


What I actually used:

  • GPS - eTrex 20 with a 4Gb microSD card for my preloaded data.
    • The main topo map was stored on the device
    • Some alternative maps were stored on the card
    • I wiped pretty much everything from the device first
    • Batteries - One partially used set of batteries (2xAA) and 4xAA as backup. I swapped to the first two of these on day 6 and these lasted me the rest of the trip.
  • Kindle Paperwhite - 1st Generation (Wifi only)
    • I turned off Wifi and the backlit screen at the start
    • I occasionally used the backlight after 11pm
    • The battery lasted until the night of day 19. Very impressive.
    • I used this for both Track Notes, Blogs and also a book to read. Perfect. Would not leave home without one.
  • MP3 player - At $6 for the player and another $6 for the headphones I did not have high expectations. I put a wide selection of Music onto a 8Gb microSD card and it was totally brilliant on the long road sections in wet weather. I'd get three hours or more before I plugged in the Power Monkey and was able to listen while it recharged. I only used this on road sections, as I prefer to hear what is going on when on a trail, but for this purpose it was perfect.
  • Battery packs
    • Power Monkey Explorer for the MP3 player
    • Pebble for the Kindle
  • Canon S95 camera
    • I carried 5 batteries and changed to my third one only on the last morning
    • There was enough space on the one SD card for the whole trip


  • A small solar panel for the Power Monkey and USB charger for the Pebble.
  • An iPod touch for email etc. Not even turned on once.
  • A USB charger and converter plug
  • A good selection of cables and connectors and some spare earphones. Actually this turned out well as I was able to give one cable away en route!

It was in fact possible to recharge at the camp site but that cost 100 ISK per device! And this at a place that is already charging $15 per tent site.

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