Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I did no physical training for this hike as I was already trekking in Nepal for some months before going to Iceland. I was already very familiar with all my gear and technology.

However I would suggest the following...

  • If your tent is new to you I'd definitely recommend putting it up and taking it down several time in pouring rain (and if possible also wind). 
    • Be sure to put it up in "storm mode" (whatever that means in your case)
    • Prepare any extra cords and stakes you may need ahead of time
  • Be familiar with your GPS if you have one
    • This is not really the place to learn on the trail
  • Be familiar with your stove and fuel
    • In particular note its fuel consumption in cold conditions for the sort of food and drinks you like to consume
    • I started with 4 lighters and only one was working by the end. I also had matches!
  • Consider the cleaning requirements of your camera (and glasses if worn)
    • From rain and moisture
    • From sand and dust
  • Consider the water protection requirements for your pack
    • I don't use a pack cover. If you do the wind with try and remove it so tie it on well!
    • I do use a single large (100 litre) very strong garbage bag inside the sack
    • Within that most items are packed into small dry bags
    • My camera goes in a ziploc bag in the hip belt pocket
    • Otherwise I don't fuss about any items on the outside of the bag

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