Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Best to be aware of some risks
  • There is a low risk of a Traffic hazard, but it is there. Cars can come up on you unexpectedly so it is probably best not to be dancing randomly in the middle of the road more than you can help.
  • River crossings are the greatest potential threat and all should be taken seriously, except those that are empty or can be stepped over. The water is seriously cold. None were much above my knees at this particular moment. Things can change significantly and quickly depending on weather and time of day. Most of the water comes from snow melt rather than rainfall.
  • Quite a lot of the ground is a bit uneven with small rocks, so a twisted ankle is a distinct possibility. Probably good to have a crepe bandage in the First Aid Kit - or whatever ankle support you prefer.
  • There are some pools of boiling water and some steam jets. Good not to get burnt. If it looks like steam it is probably unnecessary, not to mention unwise, to test the temperature with your bare hand.
  • There are no dangerous animals (other than humans) and no snakes
  • If you catch a mink there is a 10,000ISK ($100) bounty on its tail. They are fierce little things though and you might lose a finger before it loses a tail.
  • Probably the greatest hazard is the combination of wet, cold and wind leading to exposure and hypothermia. Keep well rugged up, as dry as possible and well fed and hydrated.
  • In the south there are warning systems in place should a volcano start to erupt. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does it would be as well to pay attention to the advice given on various notice boards.
  • I drank most water boiled as Tea or Cocoa but some I drank straight from the source untreated. Personally I prefer the clear stuff to the gritty stuff.

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