Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I did very little preparation for this hike:

  • Read some blogs, made some notes and put them on my Kindle - see Links
  • Downloaded some GPS tracks - only one of which I actually used - see Files
  • Made a gear list and packed my bag - see Gear Review
  • Made a shopping list for food and consumables (eg batteries, tissues) - see Food
  • Did my digital packing - see Technology
    • Filled my iPod
    • Prepared my GPS with maps and tracks
    • Recharged all my batteries
    • Bought an exceptional book for my Kindle (The Worst Journey in the World) which had the powerful effect of making all this seem incredibly easy and soft!
    • Backed up my camera cards and cleared them
  • Sent a couple of people my route plan and proposed dates for each stage
  • Bought a ticket to Iceland... on WOW!

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