Tuesday, 29 July 2014


My bundle contains files for GPS and Kindle and can be downloaded from here.

I took these on my Kindle
  • PDF
    • Distances (km) per day based on Max Nemeth's route
    • List of Max's campsites with co-ordinates
  • MOBI
    • Iceland Traverse (Max Nemeth)
    • Iceland Notes (Andrew Skurka)
    • Iceland Traverse (Jonathon Ley)
    • Iceland Traverse Itinerary (Mountain Guides)
    • Iceland Traverse (Yeti)
I have created this for Kindle
  • Places I camped with co-ordinates (PDF)
I took these on my GPS
  • GPX file of proposed route from wikiloc created by filiplaw
  • GPX file with places where Max Nemeth camped
  • The following I did not use
    • GPX files of other routes (wikiloc)
    • GPI files of Points of Interest
    • GPX files of Points of Interest as Waypoints
I have created these for GPS
  • Waypoints of Camps (GPX)
    • 21 camps and the two end points
  • Waypoints along my route (GPX)
    • 229 waypoints and the two end points
  • Trackpoints along my route (GPX)
    • There are 3799 trackpoints split into 8 tracks (7x500 and 1x299)
    • I did not have the GPS on all the time so there are jumps
Note: Maps can be downloaded from their respective sources found in Links

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