Tuesday, 29 July 2014


The good news is that there is no official route across Iceland. So you can make up your own and abide by whatever rules (or none) that you care to set yourself. I decided on a North-South route going from near-enough the northernmost point to near-enough the southernmost point. I didn't do a lot of route planning beforehand other than what was required to work out the length of each stage:

Hraunhafnartangi to Lake Myvatn: 6 days
Lake Myvatn to Landlammalaugar: 11 days
Landlammalaugar to Dyrhólaey: 5 days.

I wasn't planning to take any rest days, despite having whatever time I needed, but built in a bit of extra food to cope with delays due to injury or weather.

En route I met some rangers who gave a bit of advice about which rivers I could not ford later on. This slightly modified my plan and I kept further away from the main ice-cap (Vatnajökull) as a result. This advice would likely change from season to season and year to year.

Route Map
Note: Under some conditions this seems to require a Google Sign-In even though it is set to "View by anyone with the link".

I have created a map which shows the approximate route. The camp sites should be accurate. The route is approximate because the number of track points on Google Maps is quite limited.
Iceland Traverse - Route and Camps
For a more detailed route I would recommend downloading my bundle of files and using IcelandTraverseTracks1-8.gpx in your GPS or mapping program.

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