Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This blog is primarily aimed at people who are seriously thinking of doing this walk. I/ll try and keep the information relevant, accurate and based on actual experience. There is some other good writing out there which I'd encourage you to read. See the links section.

This traverse goes from Hraunhafnartangi (66° 32’ 03"N) to Dyrhólaey (63° 24' 11"N) and took me 22 days. I took no rest days but some were shorter than others. Most especially the one after a 2 hour bathe in the Hotspot and Landlammalaugar. The total distance is somewhere in the order of 650km.

Iceland it relatively flat and there are no altitude problems. The highest point on this traverse being a bit over 1000m. There are also no snakes and no carnivores on the loose.

It more than makes up for this by having a very challenging climate. Which is another way of saying that the weather is appalling! To add that it is highly changeable would be an understatement. And when it is good usually the wind is still blowing. 

However there is a great sense of freedom which comes from it being largely uninhabited, many places without tracks and (in summer at least) no time constraints due to daylight. It's on 24 hours a day. That adds up to a great place for a solo experience. If you are up for it. 

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