Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Getting to the start
I got a lift with friends from Reykjavik to Akureyri then hitched to the start. This was quick and easy and took four rides. I walked the last 12km from Raufarhöfn to Hraunhafnartangi.

Resupply One
The first ride took me from Akureyri to Lake Myvatn where I left the first resupply drop. This was at the camp site Bjarg. I did this partly to save freight costs and partly to be 100% sure that it was there. This turned out to be a good decision. I then knew where I would stay and also that there was a small supermarket nearby just in case I needed any extras. Which I did!

Resupply Two
The second resupply was Landlammalaugar, which I passed on day 18 morning. I had given a box (about 6-7 kg) to Reykjavik Excursions at the bus station near town. They charged a hefty 3500 ISK ($35) to drive it a couple of hours. The Green Bus people then put it in a locked container till I arrived. It was carefully labelled with my name and approximate date of arrival. As it happened I picked it up on the planned date.

At the End
At Dyrhólaey I walked back down to the nearest road junction and started hitching from there next to the M sign where there is a small layby. I was back in Reykjavik in a few hours including time for a lengthy lunch break at Skogarfoss camp site in pouring rain.

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